Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Mission

We strive to gather our creative technical capabilities in an effort to create products that help people live healthy,
comfortable lives,
thereby delivering even greater satisfaction to everyone with whom we are involved.

Management Philosophy

  1. We at Okamoto observe laws and regulations (including administrative notifications, policies, etc.), employment rules, and corporate ethics.
  2. We multilaterally and proactively develop and provide helpful products for people’s everyday lives on the basis of our original technology.
  3. We rigorously pursue high quality to boost confidence in the Okamoto Brand and stay highly competitive in the domestic and international markets.
  4. We continuously work to streamline to the highest extent possible, and constantly perform quality work that our users and customers will appreciate.
  5. We make it a point to cooperate within the company to create a flexible working environment where everyone comes together and feels motivated.

Code of Conduct

  1. Actively and persistently tackle challenges with idealism and passion.
  2. Never seek the easy way out. Respect the law. Summon our mettle and intensity.
  3. Do our best to understand people and be understood. Prioritize teamwork.
  4. Have an open mind and cultivate within ourselves the strength to deal with changes in the world.