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Okamoto Inc. undertakes to make no kind of guarantee, either manifest or implied, to imply that the content and functions of this website are suitable for the purposes of usage, product pricing.  These are simply provided as is.

Please be aware that the entries and structure etc.  of data on this website are subject to modification or deletion at any time without warning.

Okamoto Inc., its employees, and contractors, bear no responsibility for any information or documents on this website.
(This includes any kind of responsibility for actual damages, direct damages, consequential damages, incidental damages, indirect damages, or special damages etc.)

When linking to the Okamoto Inc. website, please notify the administrators.  However, even if the administrators do not send an email reply, this does not mean that Okamoto Inc. acknowledges the link.

  1. If Okamoto Inc. judges any link to be inappropriate, even if that link is approved for a time, Okamoto Inc. will request its removal.
  2. Okamoto Inc. does not bear any responsibility in the unlikely case of any loss or damage occurring as a result of a link.
  3. In principle, links to this site should be set to link to the top page.(
  4. Also, if linking to any page other than the top page, please inform Okamoto Inc.
  5. When linking to this site, please use the company’s full and correct name: Okamoto Inc.

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