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We at Okamoto Industries, Inc.  have developed our own technologies that have enabled us to manufacture products of the highest quality since our foundation in 1934.  Our mission is to continue manufacturing these products to provide comfort and convenience to the lives of consumers.
During Okamoto's history spanning more than 70 years, we have gained the experience of many changing generations.  Throughout these years, we realized that we must strive to earn our customers' confidence in our technologies.
・Reliability,  ・Comfort,  ・Prosperity
These three factors are the hallmarks of an enjoyable life.  Bringing these factors to customers requires technological and inspirational strength, and our ability to excel in both of these is the core of Okamoto.
As we continue to grow internationally, Okamoto will work hard to maintain our contributions to society while respecting the environment.

Jiro Okamoto

President / Yoshiyuki Okamoto


corporate profile

Company name Okamoto Industries, Inc.
Date established January 10,1934
Capital ¥13,047,630,000
Fiscal year-end March 31
Number of Group employees 2,203 (2017/3)
Head office 3-27-12 Hongo,Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 113-8710- Tel:03-3817-4111 Fax:03-3817-4118
Chairman Jiro Okamoto
President Yoshiyuki Okamoto


corporate philosophy & organization

Corporate Mission Statement

Okamoto matches technical capabilities with abundant creativity to manufacture products contributing to healthy and enjoyable human lifestyles, and aims to give great satisfaction for all those encountering Okamoto.

Management Philosophy

  1. Okamoto strictly observes all laws (including administrative directives, policies, etc.), employment regulations, and corporate ethics.
  2. Firmly founded on principles of unique development, Okamoto actively and comprehensively undertakes to develop and provide products useful in the daily lives of people.
  3. Through strict pursuit of high-quality, Okamoto builds trust in its original brand, and maintains robust competitiveness in domestic and overseas markets.
  4. Okamoto continues to work well, making all possible rationalized efforts to ensure constant good relations with users and customers.
  5. In a coordinated way, the entire Okamoto is united in its efforts to create a meaningful and rewarding workplace.

Standards of Behavior

  1. Rising to meet challenges and overcome difficulties strongly with ideal and passion
  2. Not always seeking the easy way, but instead maintaining a law-abiding spirit, strong will, and energy.
  3. Seeking both to understand people and to be understood, and to prioritize team play.
  4. Continuing to work well, and making all possible rationalized efforts to ensure constant good relations with users and customers.
  5. Cultivating the capability to broaden our perspective and adapt to changes in our world.


financial highlights

Shifting Business Trends

(units) FY2014/03
118th Period
119th Period
120th Period
121th Period
Sales(million yen) 77,457 80,872 88,383 86,604
Ordinary income(million yen) 4,227 6,019 9,664 10,738
Current net income(million yen) 2,554 2,880 5,067 7,952
Current net income per share(yen) 25.28 29.07 51.52 80.95
Total assets(million yen) 78,261 83,385 86,284 94,972
Net assets(million yen) 44,006 47,007 49,208 57,016

Sales(unit: million yen)


Ordinary Income(unit: million yen)


Current Net Income(unit: million yen)


Current Net Income per Share(unit: yen)


Total Assets(unit: million yen)


Net Assets(unit: million yen)




The town of Yoshida in central Shizuoka Prefecture looks out on picturesque Suruga Bay and spreads to the west of the mouth of the Oi River.  The region's soil nourished by underground water from the many streams that descend from the Southern Japanese Alps.  As a manufacturing site,the town is ideal, since it is located close to Yoshida Exit on the Tomei Expressway and is connected by numerous major national roads.Here Okamoto's Shizuoka Plant sits on spacious premises,surrounded by water an trees.
Here, the Shizuoka Plant produces a lineup of mostly primary products such as plastic films,decorative films, and industrial materials.  These manufactured goods will later be made info a wide range of industrial products,which will later become feature-rich products.Our Research and development keeps ongoing so that the plant can continue to manufacture products that will always be needed and loved in people's every life.

Surrounded by beautiful natural settings,the city of Ryugasaki in southern Ibaraki Prefecture is located only a short 50km northeast trip from Tokyo.  The numerous rice fields spreading across the region and a warm climate for abundant harvests make southern Ibaraki one of the largest rice producing areas of Japan.  Our Ibaraki plant was one of the first factories built in this area, and remains the most admired company in this community. Okamoto manufactures a diverse series of products of direct value to people's lives, including condoms,household and general-purpose gloves,and adhesive tapes.  Because these products are frequently used and come into direct contact with people's skin, they must be produced with the highest standards of technology and safety. Specifically our condoms are preduced using state-of-th-are production lines exclusively developed by Okamoto Stringent quality control ensures the highest levels of reliability.

The city of Iwaki occupies the southeast tip of Fukushima Prefecture.  With the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Natsui and Same rivers flowing nearby, Iwaki is blessed with abundant water resources.   Snow rarely falls during the winters in this relatively warm city located in a lush,green valley surrounded by striking scenery.  Called the Shonan of the Northeast after the popular beach west of Tokyo, Iwaki is home to Okmoto's Fukushima Plant.  This facility produces rubber tire chains for smooth and reliable safety on winter roads, water-filled pillows(rubber icepacks), rubber bands, injection-molding boots, and much more employing a number of manufacturing techiques such as press molding, All of these products aim to increase the convenience of modern life. Every day, the plant uses all of its strength to respond to real consumer needs with the best in technology.

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